Those Who Desire

Exploring the uncommon, lost, often difficult histories of the Bayou City


Those Who Desire is a project exploring the lost, often difficult history of the city of Houston through performance and cartography. This takes the for of bus and walking tours for tourists and locals alike - anyone willing to take a critical look at our shared city.

The city of Houston is unusually diverse, and while the the civic and tourist industries take great pleasure in touting that diversity, the origins of those diverse communities, and the stories of their growth and importance to the city are overlooked, or worse, woefully ignored. I have engaged in a pursuit of those stories, and the forgotten histories of the city, stitching them together to form a more fully understood and appreciated Houston. 


Vinod Hopson is an artist and writer. He was born in New Jersey and has lived in Houston since 1996. His performance, The Rise, was highlighted as among the Best of 2006 by the online art journal Glasstire. 


Nearly all of the images on this site are courtesy of PURPLE TIME SPACE SWAMP a visual archive of Houston for public use. All Images are by the author of the blog, and no copyright will be enforced. We appreciate his commitment to Houston, and our shared goal to document, and expose the parts of it that aren't talked about as much as they should be.  

Purple Time Space Swamp is an project of the Pugilist Press, a one-man collective.